Bern Hub: Challenge 2

Energy transitions

In 2018, the greenhouse gas footprint per capita in Switzerland amounted to around 13 tons of CO2-equivalents – well over the average of EU countries. The required shift from the current mode of production and consumption to a new energy model that is more sustainable and more economical has to be quickly implemented in order to achieve the Paris Agreement goal. While very diverse activities have emerged to target specific domains such as energy production, mobility or housing, a systematic approach including all sectors emitting CO2 is lacking. As urban areas and rural regions face very different challenges to achieve the energy transition, technological, social and financial innovations need to be collectively designed and implemented at the local level.

Bern Challenge 2
Our Goals

The implemented participatory approaches at different local levels for urban and rural areas have identified and initiated first, innovative solutions to enable CO2-neutrality.

Our achievements
  • Key stakeholders in government, local communities and private business are engaging in the co-identification and co-design of innovative solutions appropriate for cities and rural areas.
  • Incubators to enable CO2-neutrality at the systemic level of the city and/or the countryside have been started.
Projects underway

CO2-neutral tourism in Oberland-Ost, Jungfrau, Interlaken

Support the tourism region Jungfrau, Interlaken to enable CO2-neutrality

From PlusEnergy Neighborhoods to the PlusEnergy City

Support Bernese cities in order to achieve a plus-energy balance

Efficient use of biomass potential for energy production

Generate, synthesize and share knowledge about biomass potential for energy transition, and mobilize key stakeholders

Regional value chains – forest and wood

Improve the forest and wood value chain in Oberland and Emmental regions

Circular Economy Entrepreneurs CE2: Promoting the circular economy

Support engagement activities for circular economy; annual CE2-conference

Substitute raw materials in the circular economy

Generate, synthesize and share knowledge about materials flows and start first incubator for 100 % recycled concrete