Bern Hub: Challenge 3

Sustainable food systems

Current food production systems generate significant negative environmental impacts. While many individual initiatives and concepts exist, a comprehensive, cross-actor and cross-value chain vision for sustainable, resilient food systems in Switzerland is lacking. Knowledge about the state of the soil, which is key for sustainable production, is largely missing. Environmentally and socially compatible food systems require both sustainable food production (agriculture) and sustainable consumption. The value chain from food production to consumption includes processing and trade. Here, too, there is a need for a systemic approach with concrete incubators in the Canton of Bern.

Bern Challenge 3
Our Goals

Identification and initiation of the first innovative solutions towards achieving sustainable food systems

Our achievements
  • Incubators in sustainable farming have begun
  • First soil maps of parts of the Canton of Bern have been defined
Projects underway

Sustainable use of water and soil in the Three Lakes Region (Bernese Seeland)
Moving towards sustainable vegetable production in the Bernese Seeland

Capturing and valorizing the services of the soil
Soil mapping of the Canton of Bern

New incubators
To be developed